How long will you be at my wedding?

I do not put a specific time limit on my wedding packages.  Each wedding is so unique and different.   I want to make sure you are not stressed on your wedding day by the fact that your photographer might leave.  I will come early to get the “getting ready” shots and stay until all of the major events have taken place, such as the cake cutting and dances.  I stay for a few party photos and then say good night.  I will discuss your exact timeline when we have our pre-wedding meeting.

What is a Showing?

Never fear, I won’t leave you hanging.  With Natalie’s Studio you don’t just get your CD then never hear from me again.  I am here to help.  About 2-3 weeks after your wedding you, your family and friends are invited to view a slideshow presentation at Natalie’s Studio.  At this time I can discuss different products and print options.  I can assist you in the ordering process.  This way you will have stunning artwork for your home. 

How long will the photos be available online?

Wedding galleries are available online for 3 months after the wedding.

How long will you keep my wedding photos?

I keep wedding photos for 5 years.  I back up all photos on CD’s and an external hard drive and store them in a fire proof safe.

Who picks the photos in my keepsake book?

You do!  :-) You can use your online gallery to choose the images you want included in your book.  It is best to choose 70 or less images.  If you can’t narrow it down pages can be added to your book.  The keepsake books come with 40 pages and 10 pages can be added for $20. 

How long will my keepsake book take to make?

Keepsake books take 1-3 months to get to you after you have made your selection?