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What is a Natalie’s Studio Ambassador?

It is all about getting you and your friends the best and most creative senior photos.  Plus I you will have a really great time at your photo shoot.

Natalie’s Studio Ambassadors get a free photos shoot and have the chance to earn great discounts on your senior photography.  All you need to do is help us by promoting Natalie’s Studio to your friends.

We are looking for all types of students who will graduate in 2015.  You don’t have to look or act like a model to be a great ambassador.  The best ambassadors know how to be themselves and love Natalie’s Studio Photography.  If you are eager to try a new photographer and you are outgoing you will make a great ambassador. 


#1: Receive a free extended photography session from Natalie’s Studio. Your shoot includes both in studio portraits and on location portraits.

#2: Get free facebook portraits that you are welcome to use on your facebook page.

#3: You receive a free flip book of all your best photos to show to your friends. 

#4:  Get a bunch of free custom wallets to hand out to your friends. 

#5: You will have a personal online gallery to share your photos with family and friends.  Family and friends will be able to view and purchase images from this gallery.

#5: One to Two weeks after your photo shoot you will have personal slideshow.  Invite all your family and friends.  Watch and enjoy your slideshow set to your favorite music.  At this time you we will provide you with assistance as your order your prints.  And tell you more about all the great ways to earn free stuff as an ambassador.

#6: As an ambassador you are likely to appear on Natalie’s Studio promotional materials, website, facebook and more.


How it works

  1. Fill out the application. (see links above)
  2. Provide 25 names and addresses.
  3. Have your photo shoot.
  4. Enjoy all the benefits of being an ambassador.


Fill out the application.  If approved you are required to provide Natalie’s Studio with 25 names and address of your fellow classmates.  This information is required before the photo shoot.  It must be typed and e-mailed to Natalie’s Studio.  (To get the names you can send out an invite on Facebook for friends who would like more information on Natalie’s Studio.)  For each additional 25 names with address you will receive a $50 print credit.

Once your 25 names have been turned in you will have a consultation at Natalie’s Studio to discuss, your style and clothing options.  It is best to bring some clothes at this time to look at.  We will then schedule a date and time for your session.  (If time is short we can do the consultation by phone.)

Next is the fun part.  An awesome photo shoot with Natalie’s Studio!

After the session you will receive your proof book and custom designed referral cards to hand out to your friends.  Start passing them out to your friends and family.  For each friend that schedules a photo shoot with Natalie’s Studio you will get a $35 print credit and your friend will get 25% off their portrait photo shoot.  (excluding weddings)

You have about 2-4 weeks from the time you get your cards until your personal showing.  It is best to inform your friends to call and set up an appointment with Natalie’s Studio before your showing.  That way you can take advantage of the $35 print credit redeemed from each referral card. 

Invite all of your family and friends to come to your personal showing.  It is best that anyone planning on purchasing be present at the session.  Enjoy as you eat some snacks and watch your personal slideshow.  At the showing all of your final images will be displayed.  (Usually about 30 images or more.)   We will give you guidance and advice on products such as wall portraits, canvases, collages and more.   Your order must be placed that day.  If for some reason you cannot make your decision and need to come back there is a $50 fee for another Showing.  Your order will be ready in approximately 2-4 weeks, although specialty or custom designed items may take longer.

After your showing any of the items you have ordered will be available on your online gallery.  The gallery will stay active for about one month in which time you can still take advantage of any referral cards that are redeemed.  If you wish to have any images in the gallery available that have not been ordered please contact Natalie.