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Natalie's Studio also offers professional and business photography. Whether you need a professional headshot for your new job or resume, or you need a photo for a billboard we can help. Upon request we can also do product photography or logo design. Headshots are quick and easy in our Potsdam Studio or for your whole office we can come to you.
NYSTA_0040Millard_Sean_4147-EditKaren and Scott_3475-EditCourtney_1131-Edit-JPEG 4x6NCSB_Group_webModern HeadshotProfessional Headshot Potsdam NYProfessional Headshot Potsdam NYHaggard_2740-EditNYSTA_0115Professional Headshot Potsdam NYNYSTA_0050Margaret_2059-EditKaren and Scott_3560-EditHudson_1155-Edit