Hello Merrill Family!
I just love looking at this and seeing all the years of memories I have helped you capture and wonderful life moments I have been part of. Thank you for giving me that privilege.
You will see two galleries per session. One is (Archive) and the other is (Shareable). I recommend you download and save the Archive photos to your computer or put them on a hard drive and put them in a fire-proof safe. Although I have them on a hard drive and safe as well, it is always good to have a second copy. These are the full resolution images.
The images marked “Shareable” are a slightly smaller version with the watermark. These are the ones I would recommend using if you want to share them on social media anywhere. They will load faster, and the logo helps people recognize my work, which I appreciate.
For the first session I included all the proofs also. It seems so long ago. I thought you would enjoy seeing them.
To download simply click on the download button in the top right. If you have any questions or need anything, don’t hesitate to contact me.
2012 Family and Horses (Archive)2012 Family and Horses (Proofs)2016 Allison Senior (Archive)2016 Allison Senior (Shareable)2019 Justin Senior (Archive)2019 Justin Senior  (Shareable)2019 Anita and Dan (Archive)2019 Anita and Dan (Shareable)2019 Allison and Bill (All Images)2019 Allison and Bill (Retouched- Archive)2019 Allison and Bill (Retouched- Shareable)