Hi Kyle and April,

I am so glad we got to do this maternity photo shoot for you. It turned out so beautiful and we got so many awesome professional photos of you and the pups!

Here are your files. There are 3 Galleries here for you. Your Full resolution files which you can download and print. I recommend mpix.com. They have the best consumer level photo printing available with the best inks and papers that a regular consumer can get.

Your social media files are there for you to share online.

And last are your proofs. This is everything that was in your "yes" pile in case you want to take a second look at it. (These can not be downloaded or printed since they have not been purchased.)

If you have any questions please let me know.
Good luck with everything and the delivery! I can't wait to meet her! <3

Full Resolution FilesProofsSocial Media Files